Tinky Winky’s Return - My Birthday Surprise!

I decided to spend my birthday weekend at the cabin with friends. There was an Air Show at the Big Bear Airport and guess who I ran into? Yes, Tinky Winky and Friends. She was in Australia performing folk music with the Teletubby pack when she learn that the Royal Air Force would be displaying a Merlin Helicopter at the "Wings Over Big Bear" Air Fair. She got a ride to the UK and then talked an Engineer into giving her a ride back to California. (Merlin not pictured.)
Several types of aircraft were on display and there was a jump display.
Along the way TW also picked up a new friend, Mr. M. Lodge III, great grandson to "The" Moose Lodge (who must be rich since there is real estate all over the country with his Great Grandpa's name on it).
When I came back from fishing, I was greeted by Fairy Dogs.
Our traditional group shot.
The whole Teletubby clan (plus Moose) helped me celebrate my birthday. I was told due to fire regulations in the woods, there was a band on lighting a mass amount of candles.
As the night wore on, we found Teletubbies really enjoyed their first introduction to pumpkin pie (my traditional birthday cake). They even forced us to lower our hats so we couldn't eat any more pie.