More Museums - 13 AUG 2010

"The 45th Infantry Division Museum is Oklahoma's only state operated museum dedicated to military history. The museum collects, preserves and exhibits objects and equipment relevant to the history of Oklahoma's military heritage from the Spanish exploration to the present day." (per their pamphlet)

Tinky Winky still ignoring signs:

They had a Bill Mauldin room, two-time Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist from the 45th Infantry Division, with over 200 of his original cartoons and this one about him by Schulz.
This cannon was used by Major John S. Mosby, CSA 43rd Virginia Ranger Battalion.Every western with a big battle has a Gatling I got to see one up close.They had many items which belonged to Hitler...interesting fact: the 45th Infantry Division dates back to the 1890's and their original emblem was the yellow swastika (on a red background) which was a Native American symbol. When the Nazi party adopted it, everyone else dumped its' usage...and the 45th starting using the Thunder bird (another Native American symbol) as its' insignia.
My next stop was the Museum of Women Pilots located next to the airport. It was in the upstairs of a small office building, I think my 80 man class room was bigger. When I went to pay my admission, the small, fragile, antique woman told me I wouldn't have enough time to see everything as they would be closing in an hour. Guess she doesn't know Merrilee speed.
I actually had to look at everything three times to stretch my visit to closing time...and TW posed everywhere she could.
It's hard to do flight simulation when your hands don't reach the controls:
As my little old lady was closing up, I asked her, "Do you still fly?" She said, "I had this back surgery and had to give it up because of the cost. When I was married my husband, who was also a pilot, and I shared the cost of a plane. But he's in Texas with his second wife. I'd co-pilot for anyone who needed one."