San Antonio, TX - 30 JUL 2010

Fort Sam Houston has several decorative gates (no longer in use), proclaiming it's beginnings as 1876. It has the most historic buildings of any active installation; consequently, the entire Fort is designated as a National Historic Landmark and no building can be replaced or repaired without a lot of red tape. The place seems to be in a constant state of restoration, one building after another, over the years, receiving a historic face-lift. It seems I'm following Geronimo around the they have an entire pamphlet titled: Geronimo at Fort Sam Houston. This is the tower at The Quadrangle, which is the oldest structure on the post and the former Quartermaster Supply Depot. There is no truth to the rumor that Geronimo leaped from this tower in an attempt to escape. In 1886, he only spent a couple of months here, as a prisoner, shortly after his capture. And when some soldiers took him up into the tower, he refused to go out on the balcony, fearing they wanted to throw him off.
I was fascinated with this friendship between a peacock and a rooster. They never left each others side the whole time I was there and the rooster kept crowing as if to impressed his friend.Tinky Winky take a ride:The Quadrangle and the two museums, Fort Sam Houston Museum & US Army Medical Department Museum, are open to the public. I preferred the Medical museum as TW kept putting herself into the action. Tinky Winky comforts a wounded solider:TW directs an operation:TW joins Desert Storm:TW learns how to drive a jeep:
I learned a new (for me) piece of Black History from the Medical Museum. Charles R. Drew, an African-American Army surgeon, pioneered the blood-bank when he developed improved techniques for blood storage, which saved thousands of lives during WWII. He was the first director of the Red Cross; however, racial segregation of donated blood caused him to resign in protest as there was "no scientific basis" for this practice.

This beautiful hand carved Korean Woman seems out of place in a medical museum, until you learn the story. In 1951, a member of the 45th Surgical Hospital acquired her in Seoul. She was dubbed "Agnes" and quickly became a treasured mascot. In 1954, the Mayor of Seoul authorized her removal from Korea as a gift to the unit. Not far from the Fort, is the Pearl Brewing Company started in 1881. In 1886, it was renamed the San Antonio Brewing Company. By 1916, it became the largest brewery in Texas, with a capacity of 110,000 barrels per year. It was the only brewery in San Antonio to survive prohibition and within 15 minutes after prohibition ended, 100 trucks & 25 boxcars loaded with Pearl beer, rolled out the doors. Bought out by Pabst, they closed down in 2000. The historic site is currently owned by Silver Ventures which plans to transform it into a village where people can live, shop & work. I hope they succeed.I had just enough time before flying home, to catch one of San Antonio's off beat tourist attractions. The Worlds Largest Cowboy Boots (40' tall):