More Oklahoma - 05 AUG 2010

Everyone in class said I had to check out Meers Restaurant, which claims to have the "Best Burger in Oklahoma". It required a 15 minute drive out near the Wildlife Refuge to what once was a bustling gold mining town but now only has this one building:
Which is the Meers Restaurant:
They serve only 97% lean, grass fed Longhorn beef from their own herd. It has less fat & cholesterol than chicken and tasted great!
Their own brand of beer is a wheat brew using the original recipe from the Choctaw Nation. With home made ice-cream and peach cobbler, the meal was well worth the drive.
Passed this place and thought why would anyone with an intestinal problem want to share it with other?
I drove over to the town of Gene Autry to see the Gene Autry Museum:
Beside all thing Gene Autry, they had some item or picture to represent nearly every western TV show or movie, from the 40's & 50's. I had forgotten that Robert Blake was a child TV star, "Little Beaver" in the Red Ryder Western series.
The sign said, "You are welcome to take pictures with the horse. Absolutely no one may sit on him." But then Tinky Winky can't read:
All things Gene Autry:
Even rubber boots:
More than one kind:
The hostess at the museum told me Gene was born in Texas but after he made it big in movies he purchased a ranch in this area, so the town changed its' name to honor him. It is interesting that the Wikipedia bio on Gene Autry, has no mention of Gene Autry, Oklahoma. Now this guy was one of my favorite childhood TV shows:
And also this gal:
TW loves Hop-Along:
This is the first butter churn I've seen, with a unique shape similar to the one I own:
Here's mine...bought it in the 70's at a flea market/swap meet in Minnesota...never seen one like it since:
On the way to the airport, I had to stop to get a shot of this converted Muffler Man:
Turns out it's he's advertising for a Western store called Steppen' Out. This place has the best selection of hats and cowboy boots I've seen. I plan to go back next week and find me a new pair of boots.