Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof - 24 JAN 2011

Tinky Winky was jet lagged and refused to leave the room, yesterday. But today, he's back to helping me site-see. TW tried to help me figure out the parking meter, but 30 minutes for .50 Euro was the most we could decipher.
We walked down to the mall to purchase a Handy (disposable cell phone) which was located next to this train station (Hauptbahnhof):

The clock looks like it has been replaced:

Opened in 1906, it's now going through it's second major renovation. When you walk through the main entrance and turn around, the next two images are over head:
They are covered in netting; I'm not sure if it's to protect them from birds, the construction or to protect people if they crumble. There was other statuary that had those spikes they put on billboards to keep the birds off.

TW likes it when things have images not words: At first glance, this block reminds you of New York City with seven brownstones built together with adjoining walls...
But, check out the details on these buildings:

Just on the side walk, not in front of any store, is this cigarette vending machine:
Some interesting balcony iron work:

I liked this artistic arch-way in front of a Salon:
It's hard to drive around town when when you're a slow reader:
Speaking of driving...this is the entrance to the hotel parking...about the same size as the entrance to the moat at Fort Monroe (
http://travelswithauntiem.blogspot.com/2010/12/fort-monroe-december-1-2010.html):This is the view upon driving in:
That was the whole lot...this is the view from the far corner:
It has car lifts (like in NYC) which hold five cars above and five cars below plus an additional six cars in the lot...that's it, 16 cars total!