Wiesbaden – 28 JAN 2011

My last afternoon here and I finally got to walk around the hotel area to see the sights…and what wonderful sights they were. When I saw the above date on the side of a building, I had to look down the driveway...this tree looks like it may have been planted the same year.

I was walking down the sidewalk and noticed a green walk sign (good thing it was green), I turned and took this shot…what felt like an alley, was in fact a drivable one-way lane: This is what the lane was next to:
Just to the left was this:
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Behind the building before the horse was this building:
To the right of that building was this fountain:
Near the fountain was this decorative light post:
On the last building picture you can see this church to the right:
While working for SAP (1995-2001) I had several trips to the Corporate office located in Walldorf near Heidelberg (where I’m going in February). At that time, I was told Germans do not have to file year end tax returns because all their taxes are taken out by the employer and sent to the government. If they have a tax deduction for a church membership, that amount is also taken out and sent to the church. Many churches were having a tough time since the younger generations were finding being a non-church member meant more money in their pocket. I found the door to this church open, so I walked in to sneak-a-peek. I couldn’t believe what I saw…carpets where thread bare and held together with duck tape. Walking behind that long building next to the church and I found these images:
They were high on the building and I couldn't see with the naked-eye that they had netting covering them.

Continuing down the steet:

I think he was the model for Burger King...and there is one on each installation.
Tinky Winky finds big furry friends everywhere he goes:
Suddenly I was at a large modern shopping promenade…complete with hare krishnas:

It’s approaching Karneval (Fasching) time, so the stores are advertising costumes.