Atlanta, IL – 3 JUN 2011

I just loved this Victorian home: They have a Hot Dog Muffler Man: Created by International Fiberglass of Venice, California, these 60’s Paul Bunyan figures were designed to hold an axe. Many of them ended up along Route 66 in front of service stations, holding mufflers (that's why today, they are know as Muffler Man). H.A. Stephens, gave his a hot dog and called his business Bunyon’s so as not to conflict with Paul Bunyan Café.I heard they had a grain elevator museum and thought this was it. (above)But it turned out to be their current active grain elevator while the 1903 one is inside this building:I thought this was a lovely public library building…see the yellow water tower in the background?It is a Smiley Face Water Tower…the reason I went looking for this town.