Watermelons in Lincoln, IL – 3 JUN 2011

There are several oddities in the nearby town of Lincoln, IL. This is the only town in the US named for Abraham Lincoln before he became president. They have a Watermelon Monument to Abraham Lincoln. Abe assisted with the platting of the town while working for the railroads as their lawyer. Railroad management decided to name the new town after him. For the naming ceremony, Abe paid a local farmer to bring a wagon load of watermelons to the event, to hand out to the celebrants. He cut into a melon, allowing the juice to hit the ground as a christening.They also have the World’s Largest Wagon with an equally large Abe Lincoln reading a book…large print I assume.They have a very impressive courthouse with a clock facing all four directions…and it tells the correct time!Check out the City Hall building.Yes, that is a telephone booth on the roof! It’s part of a severe-weather warning system where a firefighter uses the roof as a look-out and the booth for protection with the phone (hard wired to the ground floor) to report on the menacing sky (1960’s technology).