McChord Air Museum, WA – 18 AUG 2011

Located on the Joint Base Lewis McChord military facility, the history of the land is as follows: Native American land àBritish Hudson Bay Company’s Puget Sound Agricultural Company à Pierce County Airport à Tacoma Field à Northwest Air Base à McChord Field à McChord Air Force Base à Joint Base Lewis-McChord.
Named for Colonel William C. McChord who spent a lifetime in military aviation and died in a plan crash near Richmond, Va on August 18, 1937.
The museum was small, but fully packed…including this F-106 aircrew training device which you are allowed to climb inside.
Above is a Sperry lower ball turret which protected the belly of B-24s and B-17s. The gunner curled inside the ball, could track targets in a complete circle beneath the bomber.
I'd like a watch like this to help me with military time:
Wonder what year those were from?
After the air traffic controller’s room at Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, Tinky Winky figured he could handle this station…he also doesn’t read signs.
They have a lot of very interesting history on their web page: