USS Abraham Lincoln – 30 JUL 2011

\After failing on Friday (to tour a ship during Fleet Week), Rob and I decided to get an earlier start the next day for a tour of the aircraft carrier. We headed over at (they open at ) and found gates closed and traffic cops turning people away. I took Rob to Cabrillo Beach to show him this view which I had taken the day before:
Got this from 40th Street:
And this from Gaffey Street:
Then we went back to find a long line of cars waiting for the gates to open, tried going around a different route and found the roads blocked…went back and got in a now longer line.
Finally got parked and got in the people line, which was longer than Disneyland on the day a new ride opens.
By 11:00, after standing for hours, mostly in the sun (the tarps were few and far in between), we got on a bus and took a five minute ride to stand in line for security.
On the walk up to the ship, we passed a model of the USS Nevada:
The red arrow shows the entrance, up a flight of steps:
As one ages, the new Recruits look younger and younger...but I'm not that old!
You walk in one end, through different displays and at the other end is this:
Which is the elevator that will take us to the upper deck.
View of Cabrillo Beach from the ship.
Today her job is keeping people away from the edge...otherwise she is an electrician:
Going down the elevator on the other side... everyone makes a sound, ohh, ahh, eek; I think the group hugging in the center is screaming.  
It was an "E" ticket!!