Return to Arlington Cemetery - 23 JUL 2011

I read somewhere, there are only three places that hold two dead Presidents: Hollywood Cemetery (Richmond, VA), The Adams Crypt (United First Parish Church, Quincy, MA) and Arlington National Cemetery (Washington DC). Having been to Hollywood Cemetery (, I had to return to Arlington  to find Taft, since I had already recorded JFK. (
He was located just outside these gates, across from where I was standing:
Below is the view from the road:
He was the only person to serve as both a Chief Justice and a President.
He only served one term and holds the record as the worst defeat for an incumbent President when he split the GOP (causing Theodore Roosevelt to create the Progressive Party) and came in third allowing Woodrow Wilson to win.
We also stopped at the Women's Memorial...
...Tinky Winky found a friend.
There were exhibits representing all confilicts.
 The Vietnam War was my generation's filled my youth with horrific images, anti-war music, and the Peace Movement.
I did finally make it to the Calder exhibit but there were no photographys allowed. Again, I spent time watching people interacting with Albert Bierstadt's Among the Sierra Navada, California painting. This time I put them all together on Youtube: Viewing the Sierra

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