Beer Can House, Houston, TX – 12 NOV 2011

In 1968 when John Milkovisch retired from the railroad as an upholsterer, he started tinkering in his workshop. It turned into a project that continued the rest of his life…transforming his ordinary bungalow and garden into a wonderland.
He began using intricate patterns of concrete studded with marbles, salvaged industrial washers, and stones…covering the entire yard and drive. When asked why, he responded simply that he no longer wanted to mow the grass.
Then he started on the house, first embellishing it with garlands made from beer can tops, rims and pull tabs hung in a dense row from the eaves in the front of the house…eventually around the entire house.
He cut and flattened some beer cans and created a band around the bottom of the house near the back door. His wife would return from work each day and find a little more of the house had disappeared under an ever growing skin of beer cans.
Eventually the entire dwelling was hidden beneath thousands of beer cans, ensuring that he would never have to paint the house again.
The cans also created a protective and energy-efficient covering that lowered the family’s electric bills. He denied any artistic intent.

Today it is owned by the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art and is open to the Public on Saturday and Sunday from to .
Here is the sound of Beer Can House: