National Museum of Funeral History - 12 NOV 2011

1925 Solid Glass Adult Casket
This Houston museum houses the country’s largest collection of funeral service artifacts.

The large one is a custom-made Family Coffin
 When I was here in 1994 it was slightly rustic and a third the size of today’s very polished presentation.
Cold Air Ice Casket
They have several novelty caskets…
Wicker Ambulance Basket
Fantasy Coffins of Kane Quaye
Spend Eternity in an Onion
1900s Railroad Baggage Cart
1900s Children’s White Hearse
1939 Superior-Lasalle Mount Claire Hearse
There are many cars…all of them hearses.
1951 Superior-Cadillac Landaulet Hearse
1921 Rockfalls Hearse
This hand-carved body is composed of six types of wood.
In 1994, they had several coffins, caskets, historical hearses, and the history of embalming, but now they have several more exhibits including: Presidential Funerals, Celebrating the Lives and Deaths of the Popes, Egyptian Funeral Practices, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Japanese Funerals, Day of the Dead and 19th Century Mourning Customs.
Halloween Classic Car Show
Sign reads: The Basket Case Orgin – During the Civil War era, the soldiers that had their legs amputated because of battle field injury or disease were carried around in a wicker basket and were know as a “basket cate”. Thereafter the deceased were removed from their place of death in a wicker basket.
Historic Coffin Parts

19th Century Mourning Costumes
1855 Victorian Hair Wreath Shadow Box
Ring and Bracelets made from Human Hair
1920’s Mourning Quilt made from floral ribbons
They also have an impressive gift shop you can visit online:
I warned Tinky Winky about playing with plastic bags.
Check out my cemetery art: MvAdler on Flickr

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