Glenwood Cemetery Houston, TX – 11 NOV 2011

Created by the Houston Cemetery Company in 1871, it was located in a rural area with natural ravines.
When I was last here, in 1994, it was located in the heart of a poor, run-down, ruff-looking neighborhood.
Now it’s surrounded by townhouses and well-kept apartment buildings.
I love these 19th century romantic garden cemeteries which were considered landscaped parks in their era and afforded the general public a pleasant place to spend a Sunday afternoon.
I saw signs of well preformed re-construction on statues that had once been vandalized.
I didn’t know it at the time but, Howard Hughes (Hughes Aircraft) and Gene Tierney (Actress) are buried here.
The statue below is the one I remembered the most from my previous visit. Quinlan, Texas is named after this man and Anna, Texas was named after his daughter. The initials stand for Houston and Texas Central Railway Company.
This is what was written around the base: “He entered the service of the HTCRR Jan 1,1866 and was advanced step by step until he became its Vice President and General Manager Apr 1, 1893. Which position he held at the time of his death.” ”QUINLAN” : “Born Oct 31, 1838 - Died Aug 29, 1901 : “Erected by employees of the HTCRR Co to the memory of George Austin Quinlan.” : “Soldier, Gentleman, A True Friend, A Honest Man”
Eugene Thomas Heiner 1853-1901

The architect who designed the Houston Cotton Exchange, Board of Trade building plus several courthouses and jails.
32nd Degree Mason
 Thought I was seeing double:
Captain William Dunovant Confederate States Army died 1902
Angel of Grief
They also had some very nice modern sculptures.
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