San Pedro's Oldest Bar - 20 AUG 2015

Welcome to San Pedro's Oldest Historical Bar - Alhambra - Since 1936 (located at 216 W. 11th Street).

My home is less than a block from this dive bar and today I finally went inside. Every time I walk by, there is some type of loud conversation spilling out into the streets. Today was no exception.

My brother paused before entering, wanting to make sure there wasn't a fight about to break out. The noise was coming from the three women in the back. I think they only get enthusiastic drinkers in this place.
The only beer on tap is Budweiser.
The "Historical" part of this bar is the building. Built in 1905 it was San Pedro's City Hall which served as the headquarter for the fire and police departments. It was abandoned in 1909 when San Pedro was consolidated with Los Angeles and a new building was built on Beacon Street.
There are jail cells under the bar but the entrance has been cemented over.