The Last Bookstore, Los Angeles - 20 AUG 2015

20,000 square foot emporium located downtown at 5th and Spring Streets.
If you like old bookstores and funky art, this is the place to visit.
The check out counter is made of stacked books.
There are books turned into flight full art,
a mounted Wooly Mammoth head hanging on the wall,
a peek-a-boob wall of books, 
and a walk-through arched tunnel of books.
Since this building had been a bank, there are three safes, each turned into reading rooms.
Upstairs is called the Labyrinth (porthole into an alternate universe),
with several cubbyholes for more abstract art,
and the Spring Arts collective gallery and shops.
Ashley Fisher hand cuts intricate silhouettes which are mounted in antique frames.
I love the work from the Lockjaw Garage,
wonderful functional art made from recycled items.
Check out their website: The Lockjaw Garage
Through this dirty window I spotted bare breasted women on the second story of the building next door;
a detail that would be lost from the street view. All the art inspired me to make some of my own:
This photo from the Los Angeles Times shows the book store during an event:
Walking to The Last Book Store there are wonderful sights to see:
Buildings with ornate brick work,
and colorful stores.