Los Angeles Police Museum - 04 AUG 2015

The Los Angeles Police Museum is located at 6045 York Blvd., in the former Police Station #11.
This 1926, two story brick Renaissance Revival building in Highland Park is LA's oldest surviving police station.
 It was closed in 1983 and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. 
After being vacant for several years, it was converted in a museum in 2003.
Over the years, it has been used numerous times for filming; one recently cancelled TV show, Parks and Recreation, used it as the Pawnee Police Station.
Jacob F. Gerkins was believed to be the first LAPDF Chief of Police, until 2001 when a Museum Exhibit Design Team member, discovered documents proclaiming B. F. Hartlee as Chief of Police in 1875.

Benjamin Franklin Hartless LAPD Chief of Police; Circa 1874-1875
Additional research confirmed the findings and revealed he "could shoot the eyelashes off a duck at 500 yards."
The call-box system, started in 1899, was used for nearly a century. Officers would check-in on an hourly basis to receive messages or assignment.s
 Matrons - City Jail circa 1915
Mrs. Lucy Gray became the first Police Matron in 1888.
According to the Los Angeles Police Historical Society, the LAPD was "first to hire policewomen, first to form a crime lab, first to form a SWAT capability and first to from a DARE program."
The Lincoln Heights Jail has been used for numerous Hollywood productions including 1954's A Star Is Born, 1984's A Nightmare on Elm Street, Lady Gaga's music video Telephone (2009); and it is reported to have extensive paranormal activity. Paranormal Activity at Lincoln Heights Jail
Magnet Water Dispenser
Above: 1952 cover from The Los Angeles Police Beat magazine depicts the "Los Angeles' wide-spread freeway system now near completion."
Looking at a time line, I realized many high profile crimes events happen after I moved to LA in '68: Robert Kennedy's assassination (1968), Charlie Manson's murders (1969), Black Panther shootout (1969), Alphabet Bomber (1974), Symbionese Liberation Army shootout (1974), Hillside Strangler (1977), Skid Row Slasher (1975), Freeway Strangler (1980), Night Stalker (1985), Freeway Shootings (1987), Menendes Brothers (1989), Rodney King riots (1992), Nicole Brown Simpson murder (1994), North Hollywood Bank Robbery Shoot-Out (1997).

 You can even have your friends, pose for mugshots.
Camera Copy Stand
Camera Copy Stand
It was educational and entertaining, with several interactive displays.
Upon admission, they give you a wand which allows you to access acoustaguides throughout the museum. Allow two hours to listen to everything.