Emily Dickinson Garden Tour, Amherst, MA – 17 AUG 2013

I returned to the Emily Dickinson Museum to take the “Grounds of Memory” landscape audio tour. Here are some of the images I captured along with words from Emily:
Because the Bee may blameless hum
For Thee a Bee do I become

I tend my flowers for thee—
Bright Absentee!

My Fuchsia's Coral Seams
Rip—while the Sower—dreams—

As if some little Arctic flower
Upon the polar hem—

The Veins of other Flowers
The Scarlet Flowers are

Till Nature leisure has for Terms
As "Branch," and "Jugular."

There came a Day at Summer's full,
Entirely for me—

I thought that such were for the Saints,
Where Resurrections—be—

A Burdock—clawed my Gown—
Not Burdock's—blame—
But mine—
Who went too near
The Burdock's Den—
I scanned their trinkets curious—I grasped—I bore away—
What will the solemn Hemlock—
What will the Oak tree say? 
I robbed the Woods—
The trusting Woods.
The unsuspecting Trees
Brought out their Burs and mosses
My fantasy to please.
The Trees like Tassels—hit—and swung—
There seemed to rise a Tune

From Miniature Creatures
Accompanying the Sun—

And I made a new Friend: