Holyoke Merry-Go-Around, Holyoke, MA – 03 AUG 2013

Carousels date back to medieval times, where they were used as a training device for knights, to prepare for battle.
This 1929 Merry-Go-Around was originally located in Mountain Park (1894-1987), Holyoke, MA.
Few Carousels survive after their homes are closed as each horse can sell for thousands of dollars. 
Luckily, this one found a new home in a custom-built recreation of its’ original carousel pavilion. 
It spins at a whopping 6 miles an hour…the fastest one I’ve ever seen.
It was fun to see it attract riders of all ages.
As I was photographing the horses, I began to notice their expressions.
None of them looked happy.
Even with the gay music, I felt as if they were being forced into service.