Pull Ups - 14 JAN 2008

Tinky Winky discovers duel towel racks will also work as parallel rings.
Meanwhile, my challenge today was figuring out how to turn on the shower. As you can see from the photo there was no switch. 
The knob does not pull or twist…it only rotates which changes the temperature of the water. I've stayed in over a thousand different hotel rooms in over 12 countries and the last time I was stumped it was ten years ago in Germany. I finally had to call the front desk and asked how to turn on the shower. The clerk said he’d check an empty room and call me back. By the time he called back I had figured it out and had finished my shower. He said to turn the switch…I told him there was no switch on my model and that I finally discovered there is a ring on the end of the water spout that pulls down.