Round Safe - 5 JAN 2008

This morning we stopped in the small town of Ozark, Arkansas for breakfast. On the menu there was an item called, “ Ozark Country Breakfast” consisting of 3 Thick slices of Balogna, Hash Browns, 2 Eggs, Biscuits and Gravy, Coffee or Drink…all for only $5.95. In the words of blue collar comedian, Larry The Gable Guy, “Now thaa thare is goood eatin.”

While looking for a post office, we found the “Ozark Historic Museum” located in the historical landmark train depot. It was actually a very impressive small museum with a large variety of local antique. I saw two items, I've never seen before: insulator tubes used in walls for wiring and a round safe! 
I was told the safe came from the Bank of Ozark. The poor farmers must have kept their money in the mattress since the local bank had a safe smaller then a washing machine.