Sunday Service - 27 JAN 2008

I attended a Sunday service at the Center for Conscious Living...I loved their opening candle lighting ceremony celebrating diversity and the threads of truth, that runs through the core of all spiritual paths: 
Christianity - love and forgiveness, Judaism - living by sacred law, Islam - submission to the will of God, Taoism - ultimate reality, Shintoism - tribal ancestry, Hinduism - knowledge, action and devotion, Buddhism - compassion and understanding, Baha’I - unity and peace, Confucianism - deliberate tradition, Native American Practice - primal spirituality, Science of Mind - Divine Principle of Love and Law, with the Heart representing the One Heart and the One love, that resides at the Center of all people and all life.
While I as being inspired by Rev. Mark’s message of surrender, Tinky Winky was with the children learning their lesson of being “Cool” or “Hot” and making new friends who know how to dance (a favorite Teletubby activity).