Detour - 1 APR 2008

We had a change in plans as yesterday afternoon was filled with rain and the night with flash flood warnings and lightning. The storm was moving south so we headed north to take a scenic drive into the Orzak Mountains. Heading up US 65 entering Clinton I was amazed at the devastation…the place looked like it had been strip mined with all the trees being left in piles. There were several homes and buildings missing roofs and some bare foundations. I stopped at a local McDonalds and ask a guy reading a newspaper if there had been a recent storm. He told me a tornado went through in Jan. Turns out the F-4 that hit Clinton on Feb 5th was the longest tornado track since 1950, with winds between 166-200 MPH, the damage path ranging from ½ to 1 mile wide…no wonder the place looked strip mined! 
Yes, I found more white animals, these beauties are called Charolais. 
I was getting into doing animal portraits. 
But look at the first white animal I found: 
And in the same field with the Llama: 
Then I found the Marcel Marceau of cattle: 
We took a detour to see “Natural Bridge”…for $4.00 I got to see a rock on private property…these hill folks sure are clever… 
It was also worth the price of admission to drive down the cliff… and seeing how they dispose of old cars… 
“Just putther up dar with de udders.” 
In town, found this bank which had a flag the same size as their building. 
Ever been to a seafood restaurant where you get to pick out your lobster? Well this Stake restaurant had a stockade of cattle attached to it. 
The last stop for the day was Turnpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. They rescue abandoned, abused or unwanted Siberian tigers, Bengal tigers, African lions, cougars, mountain lions, bobcats, and other exotic animals. The sadness was there are so many of them and the stories behind their rescue…stupidity and cruelty of man’s actions, makes me cry. This place is worth supporting: