El Centro (Humorous Postcard 1) - You Are Not Alone

I have had several requests to share my El Centro postcard series on this blog, therefore over the next 21 days I will post a postcard a day.
A few years ago I had a consulting job in El Centro, CA working for THE major employer of the community, Imperial Irrigation District, suppliers of water and power to the surrounding areas. No small task. With over 3,000 miles of canals and drains, IID is the largest irrigation district in the nation. El Centro is the largest city in the US to lie entirely below Sea Level (-50 feet). To find El Centro, from Los Angeles drive south towards San Diego and just before reaching San Diego go East for over 100 miles. El Centro is between the Desert View Tower and the sand dunes (see April 5). In the summer, it is beyond hot!! In Minnesota, I experienced temperatures of 40 degrees below zero, being unable to take a breath because the air itself felt frozen. In El Centro I experienced temperatures of 120 degrees, being unable to take a breath because the air was evaporating out of your body at the speed of light. During off hours when breathing was possible, I went around town taking picture that I could turn into humorous postcards, sending one a week to family & friends.

El Centro Postcard # 1:

         Things that go thump in the night!