El Centro (Humorous Postcard 2) - Hoo Whoo

El Centro Postcard # 2:
Burrowing Owl – can be almost one foot tall, found from Canada to So America. Generally found in low-lying grassland areas and semi-desert. They require open habitats that contain suitable nesting burrows, usually with short grasses and sparse shrubs. While they can dig their own burrows, they more commonly use vacated burrows made by mammals such as ground squirrels or similar holes in the ground. They are endangered in Canada and are listed as endangered or threatened in a number of states. Burrowing Owls are now federally listed as a Species of Management Concern and are a Species of Special Concern in California. They are opportunistic feeders eating a wide variety of things, as they become available. Imperial Irrigation Dist. Searches for owl burrows before any projects are started. If owls are found nesting within an area that may be effected by such a project the construction is delayed until the young have left the burrow.
I'm just full of worthless facts...hoo, who, hooooo.