CA Lighthouses - April 10, 2008

After retuning home I toyed with the idea of continuing the daily TW photo but I was exhausted and didn’t want the pressure of a daily assignment while having to deal with household duties. There is nothing so dusty as a house being run for three months by three cats and a dog…although they had people to come in and feed them there was no one cleaning up after the kitty-litter dust. It took me over a week to unpack all my bags and I’m still trying to find space for the CD books acquired during the drive. Now, I have decided to add to my blog as Tinky Winky and I travel around locally.

I had lunch in Redondo Beach today and decided to take the long scenic dive along the coast back to San Pedro. And, it hit me...I photographed several lighthouses in NC but have not shown TW the two lighthouses I have in my neighborhood.
This is Point Vicente Lighthouse on the Palos Verdes Peninsula:This lighthouse was placed in service on May 1, 1926 and has a 1000 watt bulb, focused through a five foot lens which can be seen for over 20 miles. The lens was hand ground by Parisian craftsmen in 1886 and was used for 40 years in Alaska before arriving here. This is Point Fermin Lighthouse located in Point Fermin Park, San Pedro: Built in 1874 with California redwood and a Fresnel Lens brought around the Cape Horn by sailing ships. The first lighthouse keepers were sisters, Mary & Ella Smith (1874 to 1882). Another woman, Thelma Austin, held the job from 1925 to 1941 when the light was extinguished to protect against enemy attacks.