Horse Art - 2 APR 2008

Last night was spent in Shawnee, OK, a town that felt like an abused horse, one that had been rode hard and put away wet. Just like depressing Washington which had painted crabs this place had painted horses, Tinky Winky stopped for a short ride. 
We stopped at Elk City, OK and toured the Route 66 museum…TW jumping into exhibits such as directing the Grapes of Wrath... 
Sitting on the side of the road... 
And singing in Church:
We found another white animal today.
I've never seen geese standing on one leg, like flamingos, they were holding so still at first I thought they were lawn ornaments. 
OK also has those colorful trees that I liked in NC. 
Heading into TX we pass the leaning water tower of Britten off I-40 near Groom, just before that LARGE cross: