Green-Wood Cemetery - Brooklyn NYC, NY

Located in Brooklyn, the then rural cemetery was founded in 1838. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 2006 and consists of 478 acres. There were some unusual monuments such as this one of the "Progressive Minstrel" who was one of the first US white owners of a minstrel troupe composed of black members.
Then there's the "let sleeping dogs lie" in front of a mausoleum.
Even without her sward, this is an impressive angel. These two ladies look very familiar...
...I think they appear in cemeteries across the county...or maybe it's the pose.
I named this one Harriet after my aunt.
This weeping angle is one of my all time favorites.
A Dog Monument...
...I couldn't figure out if the dog was buried there too or just the owner.

These images were taken in October 2001.
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