Fort Armstrong Theater, Rock Island, IL – 31 AUG 2012

As I leave Illinois and my job with the Army, I have one last gem to share:
Built in 1920 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.
The Fort Armstrong Theater (commonly called Fort Theater) opened on January 19, 1921 with the silent movie Midsummer Madness
In stead of the standard organ player, they had a ten piece orchestra to accompany the film.
The tree-story Art Deco building was designed by Rock Island architectural firm of Cervin and Horn and the Chicago based Brawn and Ermling.
The polychrome terra cotta reliefs were designed specifically for the theater by Rudolph Sandberg and produced by the Midland Terra cotta Company of Chicago.
Above you can see the swastika motif which was used by some Native American tribes and was found in excavations of the Mississippian-era.  
Since 1977, it has been occupied by the dinner theater group called Circa’ 21. All their meals are prepared on-site and the same people who serve the meals (Bootleggers) also perform the show.
In addition, they have a concert series that has brought in some big name performers over the years. Here's their website: