Minnesota Oddities – 27 AUG 2012

I found a few more oddities before I left the state.
Tom Eilen and Sons Trucking in Hampton, I found two Vikings and a Beach Dude 

My camera malfunctioned so it’s a fuzzy Beach Dude…looks like he made have started as a Muffler Man.

Off I-35 next to Cabela’s is the Christian Family Church which has this giant rendition of the Book of Revelation Jesus…
Also dubbed the “Burger King Jesus.” 
And just down the Interstate is the Owatonna Municipal Airport which has this great sculpture made from real T-38 jets.
From the state that gave you: frozen pizza, chow mein in a can, puff wheat and rice, Wheaties cereal, the bundt pan, the snowmobile, Masking and Scotch tape, Post-it® notes, Bisquick, HMOs, Aveda beauty products, Green Giant vegetables, Tonka Trucks, SPAM, Milky Way, Snickers, Three Musketeers, Mars candy bars, Greyhound Bus Lines, Land O’Lakes butter, Caribou Coffee, Geek Squad, and the Mayo Clinic.