Porter Sculpture Park – Montrose, South Dakota

Seeing the Franconia Sculpture Park reminded me of another open-air, remote, sculpture park I found while driving through South Dakota.  
Driving west on I-90, about 25 miles west of Sioux Falls, you’ll see a site to make your head turn and your car pull over.
It is usually only open Memorial Day through Labor Day. I was driving by on September 4th (two days after Labor Day) in 2002 and found the park open.
Made of scrap mental and old farm equipment by Wayne Porter, a self taught artist who learned to weld in his father’s blacksmith shop.
His art just makes me smile.
The grand piece that catches your eye from the freeway is the 25 ton Egyptian Bull Head:

It took 3 years to build and is the size of one of the heads on Mount Rushmore.


  Here's his website: http://portersculpturepark.com/