Downtown Springfield, MA - Summer 2013

The Puritan
Bronze statue by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, located outside the city library, became so popular it was reproduced for over 20 other cities, museums, universities and private collectors around the world.
Northwestern Mutual Life
Below is a monument to President William McKinley, unveiled 4 years after his death. Located on the south end of Court Square.
The other end of Court Square looks like this:
In the center is 1819 Old First Church which was the former United Church of Christ. 
Around the side are some interesting structures.
The Municipal Group is made up of City Hall, a 300 foot clock tower and a concert hall.  
Not far away I found this building...and in a tunnel:
Downtown seems to be a town on a roller coaster of prosperity/poverty which hasn't made it out of its’ last downward slump. 
The is an abundance of Italian restaurants in this town but this sign caught my eye: