3-County Fair, Northampton, MA – 31 AUG 2013

This small local fair, is the oldest continuously operated agricultural fair in the United States.
This 196th edition had a little of everything from Las Vegas Magic show to a Renaissance joust. I had attended the Paradise City Arts Festival in May at the same location.
It was hot and humid so most of the animals were lethargic…except for the goats which were begging by the feed vending machine.
They were so aggressive that the children would jump back in fright.
There was a very interesting display of antique motors which dated from 1913 forward and were used for everything from wood chopping to lawn mowers. 
The tent to the left was filled several engines that were running, with lots of coughing, spiting, popping, backfiring.
There was a large interesting display of local antique milk bottles. Every building had people in attendance who would answer any questions.
I had never seen ones with spoons before. The Collector showed me how it worked. These were special bottles that held milk with cream. The spoon would hang on the edge of the bottle and bowl would drop inside the bottle creating a seal at the neck to allow for the cream to be poured out. 
Many exhibits were hard to photograph as the booths were covered in chicken wire.
I was spending a lot of time checking out all the details on this Fruit & Vegetable display by Martha Emerson, which had won the State Award:
I was noticing all the details: hand carved wooden tractor, hand-made quilt which had a trim with a barbed wire pattern, photographs, sunflowers, fresh baked cookies, brownies and nut-bread, home preserves, jam, fresh picked veggies, home-made apron, a cow rag doll…when someone started talking to me. It turned out to be the artist, herself.
60 years old and this was her first time doing a booth. She said it was a challenge as all the fresh food had to be picked at the last minute and then arranged based on what she had to work with.
As with any fair there was an abundance of deep-fried food items. When I saw the 4-H food booth it brought back a rush of childhood memories.
My mother and her best friend had started our local 4-H club. The year my baby brother was born, our club was in charge of running the 4-H Dining Hall at the local county fair. Todd was 3 days old when he went to his first fair. My older sister told me, he was placed in a wicker basket and slept in the kitchen while everyone worked. She still has that basket and used it for her children and grandchild. She said back before there were child safety car seats, air bags and shoulder harnesses, that basket would fit tightly in the back seat, preventing baby movement.
As I was leaving, I noticed several of the classic cars and already left. Rain was predicted for the evening.
Then I found this wind vane near my hotel: