Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, MA – Summer 2013

Although its sign says “Established 1841” the website says there are about 14 generations of New Englanders buried here. 
Stones and tablets dating back to 1664 were moved here from the Springfield’s Old First Church.
The Springfield Cemetery is also known as the Peabody cemetery, in honor of the first president of its association.
The Titus family monument is 6 feet high, two story house made of solid white marble with East Longmeadow brownstone steps. Andrew Titus (1823-1896) was a Victorian real estate man who out lived two of his three wives: Mary (1821-1889), Pamelia (1823-1891), Lousie (1834-1921).
The Civil War monument, Soldier’s Rest, was dedicated in 1877. More than 200 Civil War soldiers are buried here, many of them died on their way home.