Shop Critters - 28 MAR 2008

My class today was back at the Department of Corrections facility in downtown Raleigh next to the Central Facility. During class a dog starting barking, when it didn’t stop I noticed the class was looking very nervous. I said, “That’s the first time I’ve heard a dog barking here…wonder if a prisoner escaped?” (This was just what everyone else was thinking.) I looked out the window didn’t see any commotion so, I told them about a facility I was teaching at in Raeford where they told me there would be dogs barking because they were conducting K-9 training sessions. This put everyone at ease and we went back to training. Before long the barking stopped. 
While I was getting my AAA tripkit updated, Tinky Winky played hide-and-seek with the neck animals. My job is done, we start for home tomorrow morning.