TW Rain Hat - 30 MAR 2008

Although we spent the night in TN, we dipped back down into NC to photograph some waterfalls. 
Tinky Winky put on a rain hat as this was how our day started. 
We stopped at Whitewater Falls and while I was distracted by rain drops on trees, TW fell out of my pocket and was nearly lost forever. 
If it hadn't been for a very observant little girl who saw me and TW together in the parking lot and told her parents where the newly found Teletubby belonged, it would have been a very sad trip home. 
After that, TW got strapped down with the water bottle. Happy TW at Whitewater Falls after we were reunited. 
Next we found Bridal Veil Falls…at one time cars could drive under this falls but now it’s blocked off. 
It was interesting standing behind the water. 
Nearby was Cliffside Lake which gave an strange view of a lake as it drops off into a stream. 
Then we detoured down to GA to try and find Minnehaha Falls near Lake Rabun but didn’t have any luck. However, the drive around the lake was so scenic, not finding the falls wasn't a disappointment. Now we’re back in TN heading to Knoxville.