Bodø, Norway - 12 JUN 2016

200 years ago, Bodø was granted township.
Dee's photo of Bodø from the ship
Again, we get a warm welcome:
Dee and I went for a walk, in search of a museum and walked into a time wrap.
 Dee's Image
Erected in 1903, it is one of the oldest buildings in Bodø, as the town was leveled by the Nazis.
My Image
Nordlandsmuseet (Nordland Museum) was a step into the pass, before computers and plexiglass. We loved it!
They had the largest stuffed eagle I've ever seen:
I thought it was a Golden eagle but the largest in Norway is a White-tailed eagle. I found an article about Norwegian Golden eagles taking out full-grown reindeer.
TW gets artsy with a switchboard and a milk separator.
A thousand year old treasure was discovered in Bodø in 1919. Among the silver pieces, coins and jewelry was the largest (42.3 oz.) Viking ring brooch ever found.
The town began to prosper in the 1860's with the boom in the herring industry.
They had two dioramas the displaying an aerial view of the town before and after the May 27,1940 Luftwaffe attack.
3,500 people lost their homes, but because everyone had fled to the mountains, only 15 people lost their lives.
You walked through a reconstruction of a cellar room of a house hit by a bomb.
3 images from DeAnna:
 How to Swaddle a Baby
There was a carved wooden item that caught my curiosity.
It was about 5 by 24 inches, with, a curved claw like a back scratcher. I was told it was used to flatten out sheets or bedspreads.
The pièces de résistance was what the guide called, their dry-aquarium in the basement. It covered the entire wall.
It had buttons, each with a different fish name (in Norsk) and when you pressed the button, the eyes on that fish would light up.
Walking back to the ship, we saw interesting manhole covers...
...and a future art projects:
Fridthjov Anderssen, Composer
Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway
That night they bused us to the Bodø Cathedral for a concert. The original church was destroyed during World War II.
This basilica was built in 1956 in the Gothic style. A free standing bell tower is very unusual in Norway.
It has a 40 foot stained glass window.
Home to one of the country's largest organ with 5,200 pipes. 
Cathedral Door Handle
I was thrilled that they opened the concert with one of my favorites, Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, the quintessential Halloween music.
There was a girls choir singing Norsk folksongs, dressed in traditional attire.
 The different colors represent the different regions.
 One girl was dressed in Sami attire, and two in Swedish.