Newhaven Harbor (Edinburgh) - 17 JUN 2016

Today we were tendered into shore:
 And got a warm greeting on a rainy day.
Our tour bus took us around the city, stopping once at the National Museum of Scotland. 
         Columbian Printing Press   /  Lens from Inchkeith Lighthouse
           Buddha Amida   /   Statue of Arensnuphis
 Giant Deer
 The Millennium Clock
A mechanical clock tower that has several moving parts which represent the human suffering of the 20th century. It chimes every hour and you can see it on this YouTube link: The Millennium Clock
 We got off the bus and walked in the rain.
This was a well:
Maybe Monty Python got the "I'm not dead, yet" idea from this building.
In 1861 a tenement collapsed; Joseph Mclver, was pulled to safety when rescuers heard his call of "Heave awa, chaps, an'm no, deid yet."
 We had the best time at the Museum of Childhood.
This museum was created by Patrick Murray, a middle aged bachelor who said, "Children are only tolerable after their baths and on the way to bed."
Didn't know US 50's television had such an impact on Great Britain.
Now this seems more like it:
Then it was back to the ship and time to head for home.
After a day at sea, we docked at Harwich and took a 1½ hour bus ride (at 6:30 AM) to Heathrow.