Kristiansund, Norway - 08 JUN 2016

The 22,000 plus residents live on four main and several smaller islands that are connected by bridges, boats, and an undersea tunnel which runs over 3 miles and reaches a depth of 880 feet.
There are several monuments to World War II as nearly 80% of the city was demolished by German bombs.
This was the greeting we received:
Dee and I took a long walk through part of the city and enjoyed the architecture.
Kristiansund is one of the most densely populated cities in Norway.
Below, is the town's house of culture, Festiviteten, built in 1914. It has a concert hall that seats 275 with a coffee lounge that holds 50 people.
Young Girl with Bird - Arne Durban, 1956
 The End of the Journey
This Holocaust sculpture is in memory of the 18 Jews from Kristiansund that were killed in Auschwitz.
Found 'The Swan Pond' which was once a water reservoir.
This falling water pond was created for the town's 250th anniversary and represents the town's coat of arms. (See the three fish?)
 I found these:
 And Dee found these:
The manhole cover depicts the iconic clipfish woman, the 'sound boats' and Kirklandet church, with the date of 1742 which is when they became an offiical town.
The Clipfish industry began in the 1690s; the dried, salted cod was exported to Spain and Portugal. The word 'clip' comes from the Danish-Norwegian 'klippe' meaning 'rock' as the fish were originally sun-dried on the smooth ocean rocks. Sound boats started connecting the islands in 1876 and is claimed to be the world's oldest continued public transportation system. The Kirklandet church was built in 1964.
While the men were out at sea, the women and children did the drying of the fish.
In the afternoon our tour on a large bus, that took us through the undersea tunnel, out to a remote fishing point to turn around and head for the Kvernes Stave church for a very brief stop in the rain. 
In the rain, I could only get this image:
But I got some images of the inside:
 And a nice view from the church yard:
And as we sailed away, this shot of town: