Villa på Lysøen (Bergen) Norway – 06 JUN 2016

The first stop on Tinky Winky's Viking Cruise of Norway and Scotland, was villa på Lysøen, the summer home of Norway's famed violin-virtuoso Ole Bull.
Bull purchased an island in 1872 and drew his own plans for the villa under the supervision of a renowned architect (Conrad Fredrik von der Lippe).
Being a world traveler, he incorporated numerous architectural styles, Swiss Chalet with Moorish and Russian influences.
The home stayed in the family until 1974 when his granddaughter donated the island to the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments.
In 1852, Bull purchased 11,144 acres in Pennsylvania and founded a colony he called New Norway.
Clock with Snake Hands
Granted museum status in 1984, it has been open to the public ever since. 
Chair Seats
Hand Carved Chair
Staircase Down to Main Living Quarters
Stuffed Bird Flying Inside the House
Fish Motif Serving Dish
Because the villa remained in the family over the years, it is uniquely filled with original antiques that belonged to Bull.
He had a custom piano built with the concept it would never need tuning. When it went out of tune, he turned it into a desk.
Billed as the most expensive desk ever made.
My niece, DeAnna, took these shots of a flower and the empty dock.