Tromsø, Norway - 10 JUN 2016

Tromsø boasts they have the largest concentration of wooden houses in northern Norway, their construction being 1789-1904 before wooden structures were banded due to fear of fire.
We took a drive through the city's historic center, stopping at the world's northernmost Botanical Gardens.
Two months of midnight sun compensate for the short growing season and low temperatures. Dee also has an eye for dramatic flowers:
We took another brief stop to see a planetarium type show of the Northern Lights at the Nordnorsk Vitensenter (Northern Norwegian Science Center).
Tromsø is the largest urban area in Northern Norway, with a population of over 73,000 and another seasonal influx of 75,000 students.
Dee and I walked through the historic main street.
We found the Perspektivet Museum, a photo gallery to rival any in Los Angeles.
Located in the 1838 house, originally built by the trader Mack and once the home of Cora Sandel.
They had an exhibit on refugees, different religions in Tromsø, some historic photos that were found in the museum archives and an exhibit on author Sara Cecilia Gørvell Frabricius (aka Cora Sandel, 1880-1974).
Sámi - Indigenous People
1860s Visiting Cards: 
First time I've seen an antique pet portrait; in the 1860s photography was an expensive luxury.
You can check out the museum on this link: Perspektivet Museum
TW takes a train ride
Tinky Winky got into the natives:
Built in 1965, called the Arctic Cathedral, it is a parish church (not a cathedral).
This is the only Norwegian Cathedral made of wood:
Tromsø Cathedral, built in 1861, is the northernmost Protestant cathedral in the world.
This looks like the statue from Kristiansund:
Tinky Winky is a two fisted drinker.
At Norway's oldest watering hole, we sampled the local brew and the cider which is naturally fermented apple juice with a 10% alcohol content. It is the best cider I've ever tasted. Even Dee (who doesn't drink) liked it. 
TW with Norwegian Ash Tray
Interesting sign:
Back to the ship and off to another adventure.