Geiranger, Norway – 07 JUN 2016

The cruise to Geiranger was waterfall heaven. Every time we turned a corner, I said, "And another waterfall." 
Said to have the most spectacular scenery in the world, it is easy to see why the Geirangerfjord is another UNESCO World Heritage Site.
That's our ship in the foreground. Today, we tendered into shore. On cruise ships, lifeboat tenders do double duty, serving as transportation vehicles, but fully equipped to act as lifeboats in a emergency.
The third biggest cruise ship port in Norway, during the four-month tourist season they receive 140 to 180 ships. That's a lot of visitors for this small village of 250 permanent residents. 
Tinky Winky had to wait in line to pose with the troll.
The small main street, had several tourist shops, a couple of restaurants and one grocery store.
I love visiting grocery stores in different countries, to see familiar objects that are different, and different objects that are not familiar.
 I wish they sold these in duty free shops.
I didn't know Uncle Ben makes Jasmin rice.
Some old boat houses were converted into shops.
TW had fun visiting cousins by the dozens.
What's more fun than a barrel full of monkeys?
A basket full of lambs.
From the main street, we traveled up a steep cliff, with 11 hairpin turns, to an overlook known as Eagle's Bend, 2,000 feet above the village.
They have an octagonal church that was constructed in 1842, replacing the original that was built in 1450.
I couldn't get close to the church as we buzzed by it on the bus and I didn't have enough time or energy to walk down the cliff. 
We did stop at the Norwegian Fjord Center...
where TW kept sneaking into exhibits...
while Dee and I went shooting.
As we were leaving, Dee got these shots: