Honningsvàg, Norway - 11 JUN 2016

Deep into the Arctic Circle, Honningsvàg is the northernmost city in Norway. 
With a population of fewer than 2,500 it became a city in 1996 before legislation was passed that required 5,000 inhabitants to be declared a city.
Located on the southwestern part of the Barents Sea, the ice-free ocean provides rich fisheries. Dee got the above shot of clip-fish drying from the bus window as we were speeding by the dramatic scenery.
Yes, TW found trolls everywhere we went. When we stopped at the North Cap Museum (Nordkappmuseet), we joined in the fun.
Below: 1988 art project utilizing the art of 7 children from different countries, symbolizes co-operation, friendship, hope and happiness across all boundaries.
 Children of the Earth
We stopped at a Sami gift shop:
Just as the indigenous people of Alaska are the only ones allowed to hunt seal, the indigenous people of Scandinavia, Sami (Lapanders), are the only ones allowed to own and ranch reindeer.
They also sell their products in town.
Boreas - Erling Saatvedt, 1971
Boreas is the Greek god of North Wind, yet this sculpture reminds me of reindeer antlers.
Bamse (1937-1944)
This beloved St. Bernard became a symbol of Norwegian freedom during World War II. He was adopted as an official crew member of the Royal Norwegian Navy. He performed several acts of heroism including saving a crew member from a knife fight and sounding the alarm for a man overboard that no one had witnessed. He would break up pub brawls and lead his drunken crew mates back to ship. He had a bus pass attached to his collar and would travel on local buses, unaccompanied. When he died of heart failure, he was buried with full military honors. He was the only WWII animal to receive the PDSA Gold Medal for gallantry and devotion to duty.
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