Fort Drum & Tibbet's Point Lightlight, NY - 10 SEP 2010

Fort Drum, 30 miles from the Canadian boarder and 1 hour north of Syracuse is home to the 10th Mountain Division. (1st to 9th Mountain Divisions belonged to Nazi Germany.) This is a model M1904 water-cooled maxim machine gun. The 1st rifle caliber heavy machine gun approved for standard service. From 1907 – 1940 this place was Pine Camp, home to the 24th US Infantry & the 10th US Cavalry. Both their histories date back to the original Buffalo Soldier regiments. There were infantry soldiers at Sacket’s Harbor in 1809 but Fort Drum did not become a training site until 1908. The 10th Mountain Division name came into usage in 1985. According to their website, "Since 1941, the Mountain Division has regularly fought at altitudes above 10,000 feet in Afghanistan, and temperatures ranging from sub-zero in Afghanistan to 130 degrees in the Middle Eastern deserts of Iraq and Kuwait."

Tinky Winky enjoys a different kind of tea party:
After the museum, I went out looking for the Tibbit's Point Lighthouse. First, I found The Town of Cape Vincent. The sign says: “This lighthouse was located on the Cape Vincent Breakwater from 1900 to 1951 when it was moved to the present location and now serves as a proud landmark for this approach to the village.”
This is the Tibbet's Point Lighthouse circa 1827:

Love this creative flower pot:
More lovely Victorian houses:

And one funky store:
The Market Street Cemetery (1820) has a very fancy storage unit for their mower:

I noticed several farms with these private calf accommodations. Turns out, they can produce more dairy cows by removing the young from their mothers and the huts give them protection.
This old barn has a pretty door:
Loved this iron works sign: