Journey to Canada - 17 SEP 2010

Wanting to avoid the freeway (81), I took old interstate 37 to Canada. The back roads are so much fun! Look what I found:
I kept driving aound until the sign delivered:
Then I found a barn sale...that's what you use instead of a garage if you want to make it a regular thing. But everything looked like a still-life waiting to be catured.

And then there were chickens:You're welcome to Deadwood, just keep out!Another clever flower pot: Cutting through Ogdensburg to cross the boarder, I saw this Victorian building:
The front of the building (under the three archways) says:
Fortieth . . Separate . . Co NC NY
It's their Armory (still is) built in 1898, designed by state architect Isaac G. Perry.A suspension bridge over the St. Lawrence River at Ogdensburg takes you to Boarder Control. The river is over a mile wide and the bridge has a total length of 7,385 feet. The line to cross the boarder was backed up across the the bridge. The bridge had a heavy textured grid. When I opened the door and looked down, this is what I saw:
No wonder it was so bumpy. The view was spectacular, since the traffic wasn't moving, I stepped out on the car door frame and started snapping pictures. These four shots are close to 160 degree view.

Put it all together and it looks like this (CA left/US right):
You can see a picture of the bridge I was on at this link: