Albany to Watertown, NY - 19 SEP 2010

Keeping to the back roads I found more interesting sites. A different kind of lawn ornament:An old one room school house turned into a house and now abandoned:
Another interesting flower pot:
This most unusual barn is near Fonda, NY:
I stopped at the Mohawk Indian Craft Shop (which has some lovely items) and learned the barn and house (a Bed & Breakfast) is part of the Kanatsiohareke Mohawk Community. Andy, who runs the Craft Shop on the same property, told me about a small cemetery a few blocks up the road.
It was so small and hidden; I would have missed it if he hadn't given me a heads up. I have no name for it, as it was unmarked and there is no information about it on the Internet.
I really liked the way this image came out:
Fritz G. Vogt was an itinerant folk artist who walked around the Albany area taking odd jobs, and exchanging drawings for drinking money and a place to sleep.
This is the Indian Castle Church (Little Falls, NY) build in 1769.
Another rural still life:
Off Route 5 (near Frankfort), I saw a small wooden sign: St Agnes Cemetery 1911:
No impressive markers but it had a great view.
This was the only marker of interest. The short drive up a winding road through a wooded area, was beautiful.
I went speeding by this dead skunk and then I started thinking about what I had seen. White fur with a black Stripe? Skunks are black with a white stripes...never the other way around. I had to turn around after 5 miles and double back to look again. And the white was so full and pretty.
But walking to the other side, I saw it was an illusion.
And yes, photographing a dead skunk is a smelly job.