Sackets Harbor - 07 SEP 2010

On my way to up-state New York, I had a layover at JFK. Also waiting for the flight to Syracuse was this woman with the most beautiful tattoos.Most people tattoo areas of their body that will be covered by cloths, but this woman did the a farmers tan, her tattoos ended at the shirt/short line. I told her I'd put her in my blog as the first interesting person I met in New York.

After the first day of work, I went over to Sackets Harbor an important military post during the War of 1812. This view is from the park looking across Black River Bay (to the left is Lake Ontario).This place is filled with great Victorian houses:
Walking across the park I nearly stepped on this Garter snake. We were both moving at a fast clip. He was directly in my path when I saw some movement that made me stop. I must have surprised him as much as he surprised me, because he immediately curled into a defensive position:Nearby was a Cemetery:

And across the road was a Military Cemetery:If Old McDonald still has a farm, it must be run by the Grand kids:On the drive back to the hotel, I saw a swift moving black cloud that turned out to be thousands of Sparrows: