Cortland, NY - 11 SEP 2010

Eight years ago, I passed through Cortland and found this wonderful image: One man's trash is another's treasure. I returned this day to see if I could find it again. I assumed it was located near a cemetery and that is how I happened upon it. First I stopped downtown.

I had a fabulous Italian mean at the Community Restaurant which has been around since 1930.
While waiting for my meal, I used the Internet to find the address of several Cortland cemeteries and one trailer park. Then I went hunting. The Rural Cemetery was large and I found a few nice images.

Not much at St. Mary's Cemetery:
Out in the farmland, I found West Hill Cemetery:

Back to town and Greenwood Cemetery:
The only trailer park I could find was Mobil Home Estates which had one trailer that looked like it had been influenced by my original artist...just nowhere near the flare:
There were many interesting old houses with the best ones being turned into Frat houses.

Upon leaving, I spotted these great lawn ornaments: