Stony Point Lighthouse, NY - 12 SEP 3010

On my way to Stony Point Lighthouse, I went by Sackets Harbor and found their Visitor Center/Museum open. They had a young Ulysses Grant animatronics, reminiscent of Disney's Mr. Lincoln (1965-19730). As a young solider, following his honeymoon, he was stationed at Sackets Harbor. Although his wife accompanied him, it sounded like he spent his time bar-tending and playing cards. It was overcast and threatening rain, but I headed over to Stony Point. Close by, I found this interesting structure:Looks like it may have been some type of business using a lighthouse type motif. When I got to the lighthouse, I found this:
Having my access blocked by private property, my image angles were limited.
Built in 1838, it went through a few structural changes before it was replaced by an automated beacon on a tower in 1947. The current owners bought it in 2002 and found it's restoration turned into the move "The Money Pit." As you can see, there is no lamp:On the way back to Watertown, I stopped by a cemetery I noticed from the freeway: Elmwood Cemetery.

I thought the red flags were a Marine designation, until I looked closely:
One or both of them must have been a teacher.
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