Alexandria Bay, NY – 25 SEP 2010

On my drive over to Alexandria Bay, I found some interesting items; such as this deteriorating barn:

As a still life: The trees were just staring to turn:
This farmer is making money using his barn as a billboard:
I couldn't get close to the Texas Long Horns in Oklahoma, but here they were right next to the fence.
They were more interested in eating, than looking at the stranger with a camera; so, I had to make noise to get them to look at me:
Except for this little guy, who really wanted to know what I was doing:
The Rock Ledge Motel looked so quaint:
But the single looks a little they have bathrooms?
And then I found Alex bay:

This had been a bank:

Built in 1866, the Cornwall Brothers store has also served as a Post Office, U.S. Customs and Immigration office, Coast Guard office and now a museum.
Cool tile in front of the store entrance:
The place I wanted to eat at, had gone out of business:
Main street was cafes, bars, pizza joints and tourist gift of which was selling these magnet bottle caps:
My beach still life:A boat will take you out to an island with a castle...there are two of them: Bolt Castle and a little farther away, Singer Castle.

Multi-millionaire George C Bolt, built this castle for his wife, but before it was finished, she died and he abandoned the project.